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How Occupational Therapy Services Can Help Your Child


Occupational therapy assists all individuals participate independently in meaningful activities and occupations throughout the lifespan despite any type of impairment. Specifically in the pediatric population, we assist children to be independent in their roles as a family member, student, team member and friend. Here at Therapeutic Links we strive to assist individuals find meaning and joy in their occupations while providing skilled therapy working specifically on areas such as on motor planning, sensory integration, primitive reflex integration, coordination, emotional regulation, as well as a variety of other factors which impact a child's ability to independently participate in daily activities. When a child can be independent, their confidence improves which therefore improves their overall well-being. 

How Therapeutic Links Can Help Your Child at HOME


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What are the Benefits of Telehealth?

*Telehealth offers the ability to provide services in natural environment. 

*The Telehealth model utilizes direct service delivery and parent coaching. 

*Using telehealth allows for routines based intervention 
*Increased child responsiveness to parent

*Increased skills of family members

*Improved child language development and listening skills

*Families have increased confidence in promoting child’s skills

Therapeutic Links is an Occupational Therapist owned and directed private practice with over 25 years experience.

Our staff of extremely knowledgeable therapists is dedicated to helping children and their families improve everyday functioning.  We utilize meaningful occupations, skilled interventions as well as engaged relationships as a vehicle towards progress and success. We strive to help children become independent in all facets of development. 

We pride ourselves in working collaboratively with your whole team of caregivers, teachers and professionals.