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Here's what Therapeutic Links' Parents are Saying

"The kids finished school last year with the highest marks possible.  Our son is playing fall baseball and indoor floor hockey.  Our daughter is running cross country and participates in competitive cheer. We are fully convinced that they would not be where they are today without all the help and early intervention from you and your team.  We can't thank you enough !!!!  We continue to recommend your team every opportunity we get."

​​ FAQ

 How do I know if my child needs Occupational Therapy?

 Each child is different, however here are some signs to look for:
 Difficulties with fine motor/visual motor skills (weak or delayed manipulation of objects, dislikes coloring, poor handwriting)

 Difficulties with large motor skills including poor balance, lack of coordination, poor ball skills, challenges or lack of independence with self-care skills (dressing, feeding, hygiene)

 Over or under sensitive to touch, sounds, smells, movements etc.Trouble maintaining attention and focus
 Hyperactivity or low energy
 Difficulty interacting socially with peers, limited participation and enjoyment of age- appropriate activities 
Frequent tantrums, aggressive outbursts, impulsivity

 Do parents stay in the OT sessions?
 Parents are encouraged and welcomed, however it is not required.  During the last 10-15 minutes of the session, the therapist will update the parent regarding home programming.

 My child has a runny nose.  Is it okay to come to OT?
 We work hard to keep all the children and families healthy, as well as our staff. Please plan on canceling if your child is sick including the following: Fever within 24 hours of   appointment, green runny nose, continuous cough, contagious infection (pink eye, strep, etc.). 

Is there home programming?
 Family Friendly Home Programming  including "Sensory Diets", exercise programs, behavioral strategies and adaptations for self-care.  iPad technology is used to take pictures for   home use of exercise carryover and to allow the option for notes to be emailed to the consenting caregiver

Do you work in other setting besides the clinic?
 Off-Site Sessions are offered at a variety of different locations, which include home, school, daycare, gym, park, sports fields etc.  Offsite locations offer the possibility for children to   work on their goals through their occupations, such as biking, rollerblading, scooter riding, sports skills, and cooperative games.

Do you work with other providers?
 Yes.  Therapeutic Links prides itself on collaborating with any and all team members working with the child.  We believe that carryover across environments creates the greatest   amounts of success.

Do you offer group sessions?
 Group Sessions are integrative sessions of two or more similar peers utilizing social interactions to motivate the children to meet their individual goals.  Group sessions may   include How Does Your Engine Run Alert Program (R), Sports, and Teen Social Group.

Do you work on specific goals such as biking or shoe tying?
 Therapeutic Links uses such topics as functional goals, requesting by the parents, and accessed by the therapist as needing intervention.

Can you go to my child's school?
 Yes.  We are more than happy to visit your child's school and collaborate with your child's teachers, given prior authorization.

Can you help me with my child's IEP?
 Yes.  We will do our best to give you information regarding the IEP process up to our knowledge level.  We are also happy to collaborate on goals with the school team, as well as   attend the IEP meeting.

Do you work with only specific-aged children?
 Therapeutic Links works with children from birth to teen years.

Can you describe a typical treatment session?
 Each treatment session tends to be different because it is individualized per child, however typically we begin with discussing current concerns, home programming, and the week in   general with parents.  The session is one hour in length and consists of the child's interests, working on foundational strengthening exercises and targeting functional skills.

 Does medical insurance pay for Occupational Therapy?

 It is the family’s obligation to review and/or contact their health plan to determine if occupational therapy services are covered; however Therapeutic Links will assist families in the   verification of benefits and/or providing additional information.  When we verify benefits, we are told your plan coverage only and are not necessarily aware of services that will be   denied.  Verification of benefits does not guarantee payment by the insurance provider and the family is financially responsible for any charges incurred. Therapeutic Links is a   preferred provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and all claims must be submitted to the insurance company by Therapeutic Links.