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Therapeutic Links staff is continuously learning and growing.  We are available to create presentations based on your needs in order to teach the  community about Child Development, Parenting Strategies and much more.  

Please contact Tracy Lyndon at tracy@therapeuticlinks.com if you are interested in any of these FREE PRESENTATIONS.  

​ Is it Sensory or Behavior… .what can I do?  When a child has sensory processing disorder, he or she may demonstrate negative behaviors as a means to self-regulate. This   staff or parent presentation goes in depth about how to tell the difference between sensory and behavior, how to incorporate appropriate sensory breaks in the classroom   and strategies to put in action.  Now also incorporating the latest in brain breaks and self regulation programs!

 Developmental Milestones, Red Flags and Strategies  We provide presentations in order to help staff identify developmental milestones (motor, speech, social, etc.), red   flags for maladaptive performance, as well as, education on understanding the need for a free screening.  The Ages and Stages Questionnaire and how Therapeutic Links   utilizes this screening tool is incorporated.

 Fine Motor Development….more in depth  Fine Motor Development,  is reviewed in more detail including specific writing utensil grasp patterns at certain ages and strategies   for efficient writing utensil grasp strengthening and development.  A variety of full body, upper body and hand exercises, activities and adaptations are given and questions   are answered about specific concern areas experienced. Other school based and self care skills are also addressed.

Teaching and Promoting Self Care Skills  A more in depth look is given at the age expectations and the foundational skills needed for early independence of self care skills.  Strategies are discussed to promote independence including fun activities.

“How to Hold your pencil/crayon”  Lesson for students  A therapist will attend your school/preschool/daycare to directly teach your students the age appropriate efficient   way to hold a writing utensil while participating in fun and engaging activities that can be duplicated in the classroom.  The teachers get to learn as their students learn how   their hands can be alligators. The alligators learn to kiss, eat “food”, spit “food” out and then play with toys. This all translates to the foundational skills needed to hold a   writing utensil.  Grips and other adaptive tools are introduced to the students as well in order to further support their ability to grasp efficiently. This is a great presentation   for kids aged 3 / 4 and older.


​Please feel free to contact us regarding any of our upcoming events